Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services

Security services for when certainty is a must.

SIEM, Pen Testing, Advisory, Architecture, Cloud Security

Security Services

Factory provide architecturally led security services across SOC, Managed SOC, SIEM, Consultancy. We deliver to government, telecom, e-commerce and banking customers, all of which have advanced security needs.

We put a strong focus on not just assessing the security of individual elements, but we pragmatically look at the overall picture to ensure you have end to end security.

Problems we solve

Reducing risk by making security a known quantity
Reduce Risk
Factory help you assess risk in a way that works for both business and technology teams.
Avoiding Ransomware
Ransomware can be really dangerous, there are however a number of things to do which can allow you to easily avoid it.
Understanding data loss protection
DLP Monitoring
We can help setup, maintain and monitor your DLP technology to ensure it's meeting business and legal regulations.
What services do I have online?
Internet Monitoring
How do you know how many services you have online? Where does your name, domain or company name show up?
Knowing domains and certificates are valid
Domain and Certificate Checks
Having assurance that your internet domains and certificates match your genuine certificates and alert on changes to DNS serials and individual DNS record changes or resolution changes.
Compliance with regulatory standards
Standards Compliance
We can help you achieve the standards required to operate your business.
Security Testing
We can evaluate your cloud, on-premise or hosted environments. We operate a series of commercial tooling, open source tooling and in house tooling against your systems and services to evaluate real world security of your systems.
Architectural Guidance
Design Authority
Assistance for your IT Teams to guide them to build secure platforms and services. Our design process looks at not only the implementation, but also the operational design of your systems.

Cyber Security Services

SIEM Services

We're Proudly an Elastic Partner and can manage, run and host an elastic platform to meet your needs, we also provide a Managed SOC Service to comb through data and look for problems and onboard additional event sources.

Pen Testing

We offer pen-testing services and have partnerships in place to deliver Red Teams to simulate APT level activity. We can ethically attack networks, infrastructure, cloud services as well as applications.

Bespoke Threat Intel

We run our own collectors to bring in a variety of OSINT and Threat Intel to help assist in understanding current threats and attack methods.

Advisory Services

Our consulting and advisory services offer CSO/CISO advisory, architectural advisory and proof of concept services. Our security team are formed from our Tailored Operations team who actively build and design secure systems, as such, our teams have practical experience of building best in class security.

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