Tailored Operations

Tailored Operations

When complex platforms, security and certainty are a must.

Technology agnostic build and deployment services. Tailored to your needs.

The premier service within Factory. This service brings together our build, cloud and security expertise into an offering tailored to the design, build, implementation and operation of complex platforms and systems.

We deliver this service to customers who have high security requirements. Typical customers include those in banking, finance, central government and telecom. Our platforms are designed and built to exceed the highest standards in the world.

Tailored Operations

Build Lab

We have our own secure build facilities. From here, we can take delivery of brand new hardware, build to your exact specification and then hand deliver and install at your facility.

Security Throughout

We have dedicated build networks on a per customer, per tenant basis. We can replicate complex network setups including custom VLANs, VRFs, Public IP Network Space, Private Space and VPNs ensuring your build works exactly as intended when deployed.

Multiple Technologies

We can build Microsoft, Linux and VMWare environments with custom application deployments - Active Directory, File Shares, Custom Linux Applications, Clusters or other complex technologies built and tested prior to shipping.

Cloud or On-Premise

Our build services also apply to bespoke and complex cloud services. We have helped customers perform rapid proof of concepts, deployed operational environments and built infrastructure as code as part of our tailored offering.
Why Factory?

How do we perform our tailored builds?

Prior to starting, we work with your team to understand the intentions of your system, the environment it'll operate in and any pertinent points required for delivery. We can either deliver an architecture, or we can take a high level architecture from your own team and start to turn that into a functional design.
Assessment and Validation
We'll perform an assessment and validation of the components, software and overall design. We'll sense check key technologies for support and will work to highlight any operational risks that may occur due to design selections. We'll highlight caveats or work with your hardware vendors to find a suitable path forward.
Build and Software Setup
We'll take physical delivery of any equipment, it'll be securely racked and connected into a secure build network. From there onwards, our team will work to get the build operating to the standard agreed at the design stage. Once the build is nearing completion, we'll organise installation on your premises.
We'll organise shipment to site along with the installation of the equipment. This will be performed by the build team ensuring continuation throughout. Minor amendments can be made onsite during delivery and setup. A formal systems handover will occur during this phase.
Ongoing Support
Factory can provide ongoing support for your environment. We've specialist knowledge and procedures for supporting high security environments/air-gapped systems/CPNI infrastructure. Our aim is to keep your systems functioning no matter what occurs.

Government Frameworks

Factory are available on all of the major government frameworks. Our services can be procured via a variety of channels depending on your exact needs.

Our approach

We work on projects for government and the private sector. Typically our services are engaged when a system has been identified to be highly important to the function of a business. Our teams can put appropriate design and control around a system to mitigate or resolve security threats to a particular business system.

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