Our history


Factory founded because MSPs didn’t offer services built for the future.

We’re a UK based firm, based in Hastings, East Sussex. We founded because we spotted a shift-change in the way IT Services are being delivered to people. We believe that for the most part, it’s not very effective and it gets in the way of businesses operating rather than helping them get on with what they’re good at. The Cloud has completely changed how businesses use technology. Our aim is to make technology accessible to business. Our aim is to help established businesses maintain the lead in their market by helping them through technical challenges that directly relate to their business goals.

We help through leading the way and working with you on a person to person basis, we work to understand the why, and from there, understand the how we can help you.

We’ve collectively spent the majority of our careers consulting on major national and international projects to some of the worlds biggest technology companies. With our collective experience, we aim to deliver great added value to your business.

  • 2011
    The Foundation of Factory
    Factory founded as consultancy. Focus on cloud, security, msp and problems faced by enterprise it departments.
  • 2013
    Factory Actively Launch Services
    Started actively consulting across a small number of clients across media, telecom and it services. Helping companies implment complex cloud, datacentre and automation/webscale platforms.
  • 2015
    Factory formally start offering MSP services
    Full scale launch of our MSP offerings with IT Services, Managed Services and Security Consulting.
  • 2017
    Full MSPs services made available
    Full scale launch of our MSP offerings with IT Services, Managed Services and Security Consulting.
  • 2018
    Security Offerings
    Security offerings made available to selective clients. Services across SIEM, SOC, Implementation, Pen Testing and Security Consulting are launched.
  • 2021
    Tailored Operations Launches
    Owing to nearly a decade in the build, delivery and security offerings built be factory. We formally launch our tailored operations proposition. This is about bringing what we have done in the background for some time to the front.