Service Questions

Who do we deliver services to?
We deliver services to companies of all sizes, we have small business customers through to global multi-national companies. We typically deliver services to IT Departments and technology teams and IT Service Providers.
How do you connect to our systems?
Factory takes security seriously, as such, if you already have a secure method of remote access we will use that where possible. This means you don't have to do anything special for us to connect to your systems.
How do we collect monitoring/log data from your systems?
Our systems run a small collection of agents which forward key event data onto our systems, this gives us insight into understanding what's going on with your systems, information such as performance, availability, system integrity and overall security posture can be understood quickly and securely. Our collection tools work across Windows, Linux, AWS, Azure, Google, Office 365 and more.
What is your tailored operations offering?
Our tailored operations offering is our most advanced delivery service. This service utilised all of our combined expertise across Architecture, Design, Implementations, Cloud, Network, Security and brings it into one package. Typically our customers in this area mix across Government, Telecom, Defence, Banking or industries that have unique platform and security requirements. Our services deliver platforms that are secure and resilient giving our clients confidence in their operations.
Can you support systems on our site?
Yes, our services can support systems spanned across on-premise, 3rd party hosted or public cloud based. We even have expertise in supporting and managing air-gapped/offline/control plane/tier 0 assets which operate in hostile network conditions. Typically MSPs cannot support these environments. Factory have a lot of expertise in supporting these environments and getting relevant expertise onto your environment in a secure and manner.
How do your security analytics offerings work?
We offer a unique SOC service that works on delivering value through combining data acquisition, threat hunting and threat intelligence along with machine learning to correlate patterns and understand your systems. We start to build a perspective of what normal looks like through observability, from that position, we can then start to spot dangerous behaviour that can negatively affect your business.

Technology Questions

Frequently asked questions

What connectivity options do you offer?
We offer businesses connectivity using speeds from FTTC (up-to 80Mb/s) all the way through to 10Gb/s over a variety of mediums from fixed line, line of sight through to 4G/5G. We can offer fully managed LANs, WiFi along with cabling, patching, and in-ceiling/floor/wall installation of CAT6 from our fitting team.
Can you provide us with a cloud tenant and manage it?
Yes, we can provide you with an AWS, Azure or GCP tenant that we will then manage on your behalf. The tenant is always portable and can be passed to your business at a later date should that be required. We can also take on the management of existing tenant accounts by performing an initial audit.
My needs aren't so unique, can you still help?
Yes, we look after a variety of customers. Some have single Office 365 tenant accounts, some have a website and others have hugely complicated platforms that we keep working.