When businesses demand cloud to deliver, they turn to factory

Solutions for Cloud

Factory have experience and pedigree in delivering complex cloud projects. Our team have experience in delivering both modern serverless environments as well as traditional EC2/hosted style platforms.

Factory always consider your project ahead of any other needs. Our unique methodology to approaching your cloud projects. This involves assessing the technology from both a complexity perspective and a human perspective, with all factors dialled towards what will equal success for your particular circumstance.

Cloud Services Designed for Businesses


Managed Services

Want us to manage a new or existing Cloud environment? We'll do that and make recommendations along the way to keep your platforms running in an optimal fashion.


In Factory, we do Cloud and Security, we build security into what we do to help protect your data and your customers data. We can help you comply with the most stringent standards in the world.

Reliable Services

Rather than just monitoring your servers, we monitor your entire environment, including your application, this helps keep the cogs turning.

Professional Team

Our team are knowledgable, professional and can resolve some of the most complex engineering challenges your business will face.

Infrastructure Integration

Factory support platforms on-premise, hosted and in the cloud, our management and monitoring systems comfortably span all systems giving us unrivalled insight.


We like drawing, our team have architectural flair and will work to diagram and document what we're working on.

Managed Cloud Support Features

24x7 Management and Monitoring
Designed to provide around the clock support and services.
Eyes on Glass Event Support
Certain events need platforms to be in intensive care for the duration of an event, Factory can help ensure your events run smoothly.
Data Security
Cloud Tenant Security, Web Application Security, Tier 0/Admin Tier Security, On-Premise Integration Security
Observability & Monitoring
Becoming obsessive about monitoring, understanding your normal, abnormal, patterns, logs, external touch points and more.
Financial Health Checks/FinOps
We can evaluate your cloud spend and ensure it's in line with best practice for your given workload.
Your Team First
Unlike other MSPs, we put your team first. That means, we'll always try to align to your current skillset if that platform or tool will provide a workable solution to your problem.

We provide expertise on AWS projects.  Our engagements have involved helping other service providers with their AWS strategy as well as deploying complex platforms.  We’ve experience architecting and implementing serverless architectures in addition to more common platforms that depend on EC2, RDS, S3 and more traditional AWS services.  We’re especially good at working out when each option is best and how that’ll apply to your particular scenario.


Our simplest deployments for Microsoft are small businesses running on Office 365, we can help setup, license and migrate your business to Office 365 in a seamless manner.

Our more advanced offerings around Microsoft involve complex security requirements, information protection, Azure Deployments or integration with on-premise environments where Active Directory, Legacy Platforms or complex enterprise integrations are required.

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