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New Website Launch

We’ve recently embarked on a project to re-envisage our website. We liked our old site, the design and layout was nice, it was hand-coded and it had some nice features. What we weren’t so happy about was the ability to readily add and update content getting information across to our users and customers as quickly as possible. We also started to have some fragmentation – our blog was separate, our service portal linked out separately and it made it more painful than it should be to share new ideas and content.

As such, we’ve pulled the whole lot together into a cohesive website that works nicely on the big screen and the small screen. We’ve spent a chunk of time testing the site in different browsers and across a range of devices. We’re also applying our own monitoring technology to the site to detect page load times, per-page performance along with a bunch of other checks.

Other than a layout change, the big features we’ve added to the site are;

Blog Integration
The integration of our blog, which we’re starting to ramp-up on in terms of content. If you’ve any suggestions, get in touch and we can write a blog on a customer topic!

Service Portal
Our Service Portal is now contained within the main site. Through this, you can open support calls, see your existing services, make changes to services and finally see your billing information.

We’re a company who is trying to change the way IT Services are delivered through the use of Cloud Technology, our hope for the site is it makes our service experience easier for existing customers and helps show new customers what we’re about.

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